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Airborne: Plane truth of pregnant travel   MOTHERS-to-be need to plan their holidays and air travel with some extra care, advises Aslan Shand.
Air travel: Best airfares in the world   THERE'S a new generation of discount airlines offering low fares around the world, says Brian Johnston. Don't miss out with our guide to the best bargains.
Airline: Luggage lost just excess baggage   THE Australian airline industry loses up to 200,000 passenger bags a year ? some of which end up being donated to charities when their owners cannot be found.
Global traveller: Tipping can be tricky business   EVERY country has its own specific tipping culture so, before taking off, Mr it's essential to sus out the tipping protocol of your destination from a reliable source.
Opinion: Sorry, but I have to fly   JAMES Norman, a former Greenpeace worker, says claims that the travel industry is to blame for global warming are out of proportion with the facts.
Holiday surgery: Medical tourism warts-and-all   LIBBY Peacock puts medical tourism in Asia under the knife as she examines the growing popularity of holiday surgery and the region's medical facilities that offer it.
Carbon emissions: Fly with a green conscience   YOU don't need to ride a donkey to go carbon-neutral on your globe-trotting travels. Eco-conscious travellers can offset their flights' carbon emissions.
Luxury digs: Hotel heaven   TELL us about your favourite luxury hotels ? even if you've only ever admired them from the foyer or dreamt of staying a night between their satin sheets.
Frequent flying: No getting over the jet lag   FREQUENT flying offers no immunity from jet lag, according to researchers who report that flight crews are no more protected from its effects than casual flyers.
Take a break: Mid life shift to 'gap year'   GAP year travel is no longer the domain of school leavers, as Australians postpone the big overseas trip until they are established in their careers.

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