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How much does university cost, and is it worth it?   A degree can be valuable in many ways. Here is a look at some of the financial pros and cons.
Nursery closures: Parents left without childcare as providers shut   A campaign group says it has been "inundated" with messages about nurseries going out of business suddenly.
Cost of living: Families choosing between food and children's sport   One rugby club says children have stopped playing because of the cost of boots and petrol.
My son with schizophrenia was 'unlawfully deported' to Jamaica   Eric Hall has 28 convictions but his family says he was not well enough to be put on a Home Office plane to Jamaica.
Cost of living: Teachers' union issues strike vote warning over pay   The proposed pay rise of 5% will mean starting salaries for teachers will be £28,866 a year.
Housing: Families left feeling helpless in search for homes   One mother says she was told that having a baby was putting her family at a disadvantage.
Why have so many children's homes opened in Blackpool?   Councils across the country are sending vulnerable young people to children's homes in Blackpool. The approach is raising concerns.
Driving tests: More than half a million learners still waiting   Young people like 18-year-old Eloise says it could be another year before they pass their test.
A-level results 2022: When are they out and how are grades being decided?   More than a million students are waiting for results decided by the first exams since the pandemic.
Bristol students' 'sensational' film uncovers city's animals   The Bristol students spent time uncovering the city's diverse wildlife.
Student loans: How do they work, what can I borrow and when do I pay it back?   How do they work across the UK, what can I borrow and when do I have to start paying it back?
King's College London: Disabled student fighting for better access to campus   Wheelchair user Naomi Stenning has been campaigning at King's College London for two years to improve access to buildings.
Tourette's: 'We get called freaks but we're just normal people'   Two young people describe the difficulties of growing up with Tourette's syndrome.
Cost of living: Food and fun clubs aim to help families   Calls are made to run more summer food and fun clubs for children across Wales.
Bluey: How a cartoon dog became a role model for dads   The hit Australian children's TV show Bluey has been streamed more than 100 million times in the UK.
Euro 2022: Young players talk about diversity in England's squad   Euro 2022 has made the Lionesses household names - but some young want more diversity in the squad.
Swap shop helping London families with school uniforms   Even parents in full-time work are struggling to kit out their children for school, a charity says.

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