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Climate change: Drought highlights dangers for electricity supplies   Dry conditions in the UK and Europe are stress on facilities including nuclear, say experts.
The science of drought explained in pictures   What does drought mean and what are the implications for water, food, rivers and wildlife?
'Every day it doesn't rain, the pressure mounts'   The heatwave will make conditions on England's farms worse as experts warn of smaller harvests.
Climate scientists chase Arctic storms   Why climate scientists are trying to fly through Arctic cyclones in a small aircraft.
Wildlife under stress as dry spell shrinks rivers   Most of the world's chalk streams are in southern and eastern England and are under particular strain.
Supermarket food could soon carry eco-labels, says study   Scientists hope that a scoring system will lead manufacturers to compete over sustainability.
US Senate passes sweeping climate, tax and healthcare package   The bill seeks to lower the cost of medicines, increase corporate taxes and reduce carbon emissions.
Causes of deadly dry-lightning wildfires revealed   The conditions for dry lightning, responsible for devastating California wildfires, have been identified.
France whale: Hopes fading for lost mammal stuck in River Seine   The visibly malnourished all-white beluga has been stuck 70km north of Paris since at least Tuesday.
Is there anything green about plastic grass?   More people are swapping real lawns for fake but experts are worried about its environmental impact.
Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, but it is highly vulnerable   Parts of the reef see the most coral growth in 36 years - but it is highly vulnerable to threats.
Plastic pollution: Birds all over the world are living in our rubbish   Photographs from every continent except Antarctica show birds nesting or tangled in rubbish.
Macro photography: The hidden world of garden insects   Macro photographer Geraint Radford says insects have a bad reputation, but they're "funny".
Pollution: 'Forever chemicals' in rainwater exceed safe levels   From Antarctica to Tibet, long-lasting chemicals in rainwater are well above US safety guidelines.
Space debris Australia: Piece of SpaceX capsule crashes to Earth in field   This may become more common as the number of rockets sent to space increases, an expert said.
Should Premier League football clubs travel so far for pre-season?   BBC Sport examines the climate impact of the Premier League's globe-trotting pre-season tours.
Climate change: More studies needed on possibility of human extinction   New research says it could be "fatally foolish" not to think the unthinkable on climate change.
Countryside crime rise linked to cost-of-living crisis   The cost-of-living crisis has seen a rise in thefts of farm animals, vehicles and fuel, a report says.
Driest July in England since 1935 - Met Office   Parts of England saw the driest July on record with serious impacts on farmland and wildfire.
Weave: New device will investigate Milky Way's origins   A new device will help reconstruct the formation of the Milky Way in unprecedented detail.
The space tech helping to tackle deforestation   How the International Space Station is helping to tackle deforestation
Long March 5B: Debris from Chinese rocket falls back to Earth   China says most of the rocket fragments burnt during the re-entry over the Sulu Sea.
UK's 40C heatwave 'basically impossible' without climate change   Human-caused climate change made the high temperatures last week much more likely, say scientists.
Single-use plastic carrier bags use down 20% since 10p charge   But environmentalists say the government must go much further to tackle the plastic problem.
Farmers warn 'if the rain doesn't come we're really in trouble'   The recent dry weather is causing problems for farmers in the East of England.
Climate change: UK sea level rise speeding up - Met Office   The Met Office's annual look at our climate says higher temperatures are the new normal.
Invasive species bullfrog and snake cost world $16bn - study   The American bullfrog and brown tree snake damage crops, cause power outages, and disrupt ecosystems.
Cold sores traced back to kissing in Bronze Age by Cambridge research   Scientists say a strain of herpes arose during vast migrations of people 5,000 years ago.
Why are large parts of England now in drought?   An official drought has been declared in parts of southern, central and eastern England, what happens now?
The art of cutting carbon - how new technologies can help   With the 'de-printer' specially coated sheets of paper can be used 10 times over.
Climate change: How to talk to a denier   Tips about how to engage with people who think climate change is a "hoax".
Could hydrogen ease Germany's reliance on Russian gas?   Why hydrogen might be one route for Germany to move away from dependence on Russian imports.
Why is climate 'doomism' going viral – and who's fighting it?   Climate "doomers" believe it’s far too late to do anything about climate change - but they're wrong.
HSBC suspends banker over 'nut job' climate comments, say reports   The banking giant has reportedly suspended its responsible investing leader Stuart Kirk.
Satellite firms Eutelsat and OneWeb aim to combine operations   The French company is set to merge with the satellite firm pulled from bankruptcy by the UK government.
Russia to pull out of International Space Station   Moscow says it now wants to build its own station, ending more than 20 years of cooperation with the US.
James Webb: Nasa space telescope delivers spectacular pictures   A "stellar nursery" and a "cosmic dance" are among James Webb's first batch of colour images.
Neutron stars: New telescope detects dead suns colliding   Light from the crashes is only visible for a couple of nights.

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