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Why have so many children's homes opened in Blackpool?   Councils across the country are sending vulnerable young people to children's homes in Blackpool. The approach is raising concerns.
Partition: My journey to the ‘place no-one spoke of’   Sparsh's family fled in terror 75 years ago - it wasn't spoken about until his grandfather agreed to talk.
Ukraine orphanages: Children tied up and men in cots   A BBC News investigation uncovers widespread abuse of disabled children and adults in institutions.
Attitudes towards disability: 'Teenagers threatened to tip me out of my wheelchair'   From physical threats to patronising comments, attitudes towards disabled people are revealed.
Turkey teeth: Are cut-price reality TV teeth worth it?   UK dentists are treating patients with complications after travelling abroad for cheap crowns.
Disability and the heatwave: Cooling solutions and disability as weather alert goes red   As the temperature rises what are the challenges faced by disabled people?
Sex assault victims warn about home massage dangers   The BBC has spoken to women who say they were sexually assaulted during massage treatments.
Melissa Johns: The disabled actress and the stolen intimate photos   Actress Melissa Johns reveals how she reclaimed her body after nude photos of her were leaked.
Trans rescue: A future refuge for those fleeing violence   Two trans women in Amsterdam are planning a refuge in Kenya for trans people at risk all over the world.
Bihar: Their son vanished - then an imposter took over for 41 years   An Indian man, pretending to be a missing son, deceived the boy's family for over four decades.
Disabled and LGBT: 'Dad had to carry me up the stairs to the LGBT party'   As more university students identify as disabled and LGBT, UCAS hopes to improve the experience.
Bruce S. Old: The tennis data pioneer who interrogated Nazi scientists   Bruce S. Old was a data pioneer whose early advances remain largely forgotten in today's secretive world of elite tennis analysis.
Kenyan elections: The woman who rallies crowds - but won't vote   Diana Mwazi is one of many young Kenyans who see elections as a way to make money, not bring change.
How does blind comedian Chris McCausland play the HIGNFY picture round?   Comedian Chris McCausland reveals the secrets of playing the Have I Got News For You picture round.
What happened when Israel sent its refugees to Rwanda   As the UK presses on with its asylum deal, refugees sent from Israel to Rwanda describe their experiences.
'The Russians said beatings were my re-education'   Ukrainian citizens have told the BBC they were punched and electrocuted before being allowed to leave Mariupol.
Mental health placements: 'No-one could visit me, no-one could bring me clean clothes'   Why are hundreds of mental health patients still being sent far away from home for treatment?
Operose Health: What I saw working undercover at a GP surgery   BBC Panorama reporter Jacqui Wakefield worked as a receptionist at an Operose Health GP practice.
Afghanistan women's team: They escaped the Taliban but face uncertain football future   Fati and her Afghanistan team-mates had to "fight to survive" as they escaped from the Taliban. Now they face an uncertain future.
The Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine   Because of their experiences on the front line, some troops are seeking legal advice to avoid being redeployed.
The Senegalese pop star who dared to sing about rape   After rape in Senegal was finally made a serious crime, a pop star dared to tell her own story.
Star Hobson: Why do these child deaths keep happening?   A review says links between child protection agencies must improve, but we've been here before - writes Alison Holt.
Sabotage and pistols - was Ellen Willmott gardening's ‘bad girl’?   History has portrayed horticulturalist Ellen Willmott as a rude saboteur - but new evidence suggests otherwise.
Grenfell fire and PEEPs: 'I want to escape a burning building, not sit and wait'   Disabled residents on the fear of being trapped in high-rise flats as evacuation plans are turned down
The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools   Maggie Grout has started an NGO that will 3D-print schools where access to education is not guaranteed.
Mark Billington: 'We're determined to find out who killed our son'   Mark Billington disappeared after going to fly a kite - almost 38 years on, his family want the truth.
‘I’m a Rasta, I’m British, I’m an officer and a commando’   Capt Kidane Cousland is helping ensure Rastafarians can express their faith while serving in the military.
'My first court case: Prosecuting my father's killers'   Shagufta Ahmed's first job was to get justice for her father, a lecturer murdered after he blew the whistle on a colleague.
Frank Gardner: 'It happened again' - Why are wheelchair-users left on planes?   As the BBC's Frank Gardner is left on a plane waiting for his wheelchair, why does it keep happening?
A tale of two femicides - and media bias   The media covers some murders less than others, but crimes of femicide may at least soon be counted more accurately.
'I searched for my sister for 30 years, but Covid took her from me'   As a child Steve Ellis uncovered a family secret, 60 years later it led to an unexpected friendship.
The 'village' that got me off drink and drugs   How addiction support in a corner of north-west England caught the eye of the government's senior drug advisor.
Falling from train platforms: 'It was terrifying, the guide dog was screaming'   Following the death of a blind man who fell off a train platform, how rare is this kind of incident?
Sergiy Stakhovsky: Ukrainian tennis player who returned to defend his country   A month after playing at the Australian Open, Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky dropped everything and left to fight for his country.
Fergal Keane: How I found a way to live with PTSD   The BBC correspondent, who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2008, explores the effects of the condition and how it can be treated.
In Ukrainian villages, a desperate wait for news of the missing   Stop in a village in the region west of Kyiv, and you will hear a story of someone who vanished.
The impact of miscarriage on families around the world   The grief is universal, but the care women receive during pregnancy loss can depend on where they live.
Staring on public transport: 'His eyes were glued on me'   A British poster campaign is highlighting that intrusive staring is a form of sexual harassment.
Boris Becker: How a tennis superstar crashed to earth   Boris Becker has been jailed. How did the former golden boy of tennis come to this?
David Nott: The war surgeon helping doctors save lives in Ukraine   David Nott worked in conflict zones around the world - now he's sharing his expertise to help doctors in Ukraine.
'Doing Parkrun at 95 is something different'   Harold Messam attends the weekly 5k event, which he completes in under an hour.
Liege-Bastogne-Liege: Cycling's oldest spring classic celebrates 130 years of torture   Liege-Bastogne-Liege rarely fails to test riders. In its 130th year, a legend of the race looks back on his most remarkable win.
Cooma jail: Prison that was once 'world's only jail for gay men'   Set in one of the coldest and windiest small towns in Australia, Cooma prison holds a dark secret.
The book that sank on the Titanic and burned in the Blitz   A jewel-encrusted book sank on RMS Titanic on 15 April 1912 - but this was not the end of the story.
VHS tapes sent to the South Pacific - how football's data boom began   Richard Pollard was the first person to apply computer analysis to football data. His pioneering work helped shape the busy modern game.
"There is a mental health crisis with or without corona"   "There is a mental health crisis with or without corona, especially among young people"
Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching   Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching.
South Asian diaspora recall gnawing loneliness in post-war Britain   How the first South Asians who moved to Britain coped far away from their homeland.
The guitarist who saved hundreds of people on a sinking cruise liner   Guitarist Moss Hills helped evacuate a sinking cruise liner after some of the crew jumped ship
A Ukrainian man has to choose between his family and his country   A Ukrainian man has to choose between his family and his country.
UK farmers call for weedkiller ban over Parkinson’s fears   Some farmers say studies suggest Paraquat could be a factor in the onset of Parkinson's Disease.
Growing up around land-mines: How the Falklands conflict shaped me   The British overseas territory was invaded 40 years ago, beginning a short but bitter conflict.
The ‘real outlier’ in the crossword puzzle-making community   Anna Shechtman is determined to make the crossword puzzle scene more diverse, but has also had to deal with her own anorexia.
Refugees in Wales: 'Thank God I came here after our home was bombed'   The family house was destroyed and they lived in a tent but now they've settled in rural Wales.
Ukraine: Impossible choices for surrogate mothers and parents   Hundreds of Ukrainian women are pregnant with other people's children - creating a web of complex problems.
The lonely funeral of a young soldier in Ukraine   As Dmytro Kotenko was laid to rest, his parents were 600 miles away, trapped under Russian bombs.
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's release: 'Richard showed us what love really means'   How the bond between Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her family helped them endure the darkest of times.
How modern slavery victim went from homelessness to 'amazing' job   After years of being homeless, Will teamed up with a charity who helped him into employment.
Hidilyn Diaz: From accusations of anti-government plot to historic Olympic gold   Hidilyn Diaz was accused of plotting against the Philippine government. Then she won her country's first Olympic gold.
Martin Compston: Plucked to stardom from a school corridor   The Scot made his acting debut in Ken Loach's gritty drama Sweet Sixteen, released 20 years ago.
Exempt housing: 'Living on the street is often better than this'   Two former support workers tell the BBC drugs and crime are rife in exempt housing.
Winter Paralympics: 'I chose to have my leg amputated after years of pain'   Musician Shona chose to have her leg amputated after years of pain - now she's a Paralympian.
Was moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse ahead of her time?   Samira Ahmed assesses the legacy of decency campaigner, whose name became a byword for prudery and censorship.
The new wave of India's female Para-athletes forcing a shift in perspective   A new wave of Indian female Para-athletes are enjoying international success and forcing a change in attitudes in their home country.
Bibian Mentel-Spee: The life and legacy of a Paralympic legend   Bibian Mentel-Spee died aged 48 in March 2021. Her achievements mean she will be remembered for many years to come.
'We were split up from our siblings when we went into care'   Readers share their experiences of being separated from siblings in the care system
Winter Paralympics: The lowdown on being disabled in China   From an outrageous poet to an "atmosphere of fear", get the lowdown on disabled life in China.
Mothers who helped uncover the biggest NHS maternity scandal   Next month, a report will be published into one of the biggest scandals in the history of the NHS - why were so many failures allowed to happen?
Jobfished: the con that tricked dozens into working for a fake design agency   Dozens of young people were tricked into thinking they were working for a glamorous UK design agency - which didn’t really exist.
Bethany Vincent: How mum tried to escape her murdering ex   Bethany Vincent was murdered by violent and possessive Daniel Boulton. Could he have been stopped?
‘Hackers helped me find my lost Bitcoin fortune’   It's estimated that 3.7 million Bitcoin have been lost - but hackers are helping owners get some of them back.
Gabby Logan's heart screening call for brother Daniel   The "catastrophic" impact of losing Daniel when he was 15 is behind the presenter's appeal.
‘I feel like me again’ - troubled Army vets are helping fix driver shortage   Some UK veterans can face difficulties finding work after returning to civilian life, but one ex-soldier wants to help them get back in the driving seat.
Sex trafficking: Children groomed in Romania sent to UK   BBC correspondent Jean Mackenzie finds children as young as 10 are being groomed in Romania, to be trafficked to the UK.
Finding love as a trans woman   Trans woman Daniella McDonald had bad experiences dating men until she met Josh - but thinks attitudes are slowly changing.
‘Hi, thanks for calling. Are you OK? How far away are you?’   A telephone helpline launched in Edinburgh is keeping people company when they walk home alone.
'As a black woman in STEM I'm used for photo opportunities'   Chemist Cynthia Chapple talks about how to get more black girls from inner-cities into STEM careers.
Capitol riot anniversary: What QAnon followers believe now   Shedding a light on the followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory one year since the US Capitol riots.
In the footsteps of the women who escaped a Nazi death march   When Gwen Strauss' great-aunt revealed she had led nine women in an escape from a Nazi death march in 1945, Gwen decided to retrace their steps.
‘The doctors came and I had to tell my father he was dying’   Is it always appropriate for relatives to interpret for deaf loved ones?
Sex and the pandemic: How did young people cope with lockdown celibacy?   Three young women discuss how lockdown affected their sex lives, as a study of sexual behaviour during lockdown is published.
How Russia tries to censor Western social media   Western social media companies face huge fines as Russia pressures them to remove content it objects to.
Afghan women: Secret diaries of changing lives   Five women's secret diary posts, sent to the BBC, reveal how deeply the Taliban takeover has affected them.
The ‘gals’ behind Samoa’s first woman PM   Samoa's first woman prime minister has been supported throughout her career by a group of powerful female friends.
Anti-Semitism: 2021 likely to be 'the worst year on record'   BBC journalist Tom Brada, who happens to be British and Jewish, investigates what's going on.
Evil Corp: 'My hunt for the world's most wanted hackers'   The BBC’s Joe Tidy goes to Russia in search of men on the FBI’s cyber most wanted list.
'I could have been a racist killer'   As a teenager, Mike was an armed and angry US Nazi. Looking back, he fears he came close to murder.
'It was magical' - meet the first disabled crew to fly in zero-gravity   The disabled crew making space travel more inclusive for everyone.
Revealed: The Cryptoqueen's £13.5m London penthouse   The story of cryptocurrency scammer Dr Ruja Ignatova's London flat - and how her purchase was concealed.
‘As a child I saw the plane crash that killed my sisters'   Harriet was waving her sisters off when the plane left the runway and burned. Now she's finding others linked to the tragedy.
‘I left university and adopted my brother and sister’   When Jemma Bere’s family was in crisis, she made a split-second decision that changed the trajectory of her life.
The ‘cocaine collectors’ retrieving smuggled drugs in Rotterdam   Young criminals are risking their lives to retrieve drugs smuggled into the Netherlands amongst freight arriving from Latin America.
Trafficked to Europe for sex: A survivor’s escape story   Expecting to become a carer in Copenhagen, Jewel was forced into prostitution. But two chance meetings enabled her to get away.

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